Who am I?

My entrepreneurial journey began in 2009 with VMK, a company (re)known for introducing the first touchscreen tablet and the first smartphone designed in Africa.

In 2014, I wrote an essay titled “Congo, Land of Technologies” to contribute to the discussion in my country at the time, aiming for emergence by 2025. In it, I advocated for digital awareness, talent training, and support for entrepreneurs. These three pillars are the essence of the Bantuhub Foundation, which I created a year earlier to promote digital technology and entrepreneurship among young people.

In 2015, I then founded Vox Médias, a company specializing in communication and media, which owns VoxTV, the first continuous news channel in the Republic of Congo and possibly the most influential, if not the most followed. 

Since then, I continue to invest passionately in my current and future projects.